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Careena Collins made her 1985 porn debut in Snatchbuckler. She signed an exclusive contract with Western Visuals, doing many top videos for director Jerome Tanner. She also starred in the Dark Brothers' The Devil in Miss Jones 3 and Alex deRenzy's Babyface 2 before dropping out of hardcore in 1988 to go to college. After graduating with a 4.0 grade point average, she entered law school and eventually graduated at the top of her class. Contrary to myth, she did not pay for her education through her porn work, but by the more prosaic means of checking groceries and taking student loans. During these eight years, Careena also did various S-M videos, most notably Power Play, The Face of Fear, Dark Interludes and The Mystery of Payne from Bruce Seven Productions.

Careena returned to porn in 1994. "…Collins has earned her spot in the X-rated Hall of Fame with some unforgettable anal sex performances," writes AFW, "most notably as a human toilet for Rocco Siffredi in Kink. It stands out as one of the nastiest porn scenes of all time." Collins, who on her porn debut was so nervous that she threw up, stars in Buttslammers 9, Crazy Times, and Taking It to the Limit 2,3,5,6. In a famous scene in Limit 3, she gets done up the ass by blacks Sean Michaels, Julian St. Jox and Mr. Marcus while hanging in a cage.

Careena starred in the "Nymphette" series for Director Jerome Tanner, including Nymphete Does Hollywood, a comical look at how a frustrated nympho (Careena) creates havoc on a top-rated prime time soap opera. "Her impish good looks are made for this," says AVN. In Anabolic's Gang Bang Girl 19, the brunette talks at the beginning of her tape about her love of S-M. "I am a serious sexual masochist," she wrote to me in December 1997. "Anabolic wanted my gang bang to be done in a way that would turn me on the most." So Collins boyfriend begins the tape by giving her a good thrashing which she loved. Anabolic had to edit out pictures of the S-M session because US pornographers won't show the combination of bondage and penetration for fear of legal assault. But the sounds are clear. Careena thanks her boyfriend for the session and begs for more. The bruises on her ass in the gangbang which follows are fresh from that session which she orchestrated. "My bruises came from a shared passion with the man I love, and who loves me in an extremely loving manner." Known for her deep throat ability, Collins can swallow the long dongs of such studs as Rocco Siffredi and Sean Michaels.

Careena served on the Free Speech Coalition for two years, during which time she met her current employer Robert Tremont, owner of Sundance Associates, Private USA, Odyssey Group and Juno Enterprises. Collins edits Tremont's sex magazine UnReal People and writes a monthly column: "Fingers filled my clinching box. Massive inches stuffed my throat. They pumped smoothly in unison, driving deeper and stretching my walls wider with each stroke. He didn't even have to smack my face. The moment his meat cut off my air supply, the spasms began. This orgasm was different however. Rather than originating in my groin/stomach area, it first rocked my head and chest before spreading downward. I still couldn't breathe but it didn't matter. He kept grinding his hand around in my pussy-cave. And when the spine-tingling waves reached my mound, it suddenly erupted a hot, sugary, clear liquid all up around his hand till a puddle formed under my ass."

On the side, Careena runs the private group Conquest for dominant men and their submissive women, throwing monthly mixers and S-M play parties.
The brunette porn star says her childhood was great. A "loner bookworm," she was her "father's son that he never had.
"I wasted no time getting my first dick. I met him at the mall in the afternoon, then arranged for him to pick me up there later that night. I snuck out my window after my mom went to sleep. (Most parents just don't have a clue what their darling, straight-A daughters are up to.) He snuck me in his house and we did it in the dark while his parents slept. Maybe it was all the self-f---ing I had done before, but I honestly don't remember it hurting or anything. In fact, I don't remember feeling much. So off I was, in search of better and more experienced dick.

The second time also took place after sneaking out my window one night. But the point of this f--- was entirely different. The first time it was to de-virginize me. This time I had to go back and show an older guy (who had dumped me because I wouldn't f--- yet) just how hot my pussy is. The rain poured on that Halloween night, 1982. Like a little drowned rat, I arrived at his door at midnight. He must've been surprised to see me for the first time in six months. Neither of us said a word though…

"Freedom, freedom of choice in particular, plays a crucial role in all my decisions. It's why I left a happy home at a young age. It's why I won't cut my hair, get tattoos or involve the law in what I view as more than a marriage. It's probably even why I went to law school when I knew I wanted to work in the sex industry again upon graduation. It's important for me to know that having a sexually-related job is my choice, not a necessity in any way, shape or form.

"Equally important is my awareness that all types of relationships with men are possible. Knowing this reality is what makes my choosing to be sexually owned an exercise of my personal freedom. Having chosen the right owner means being used as his property makes me feel free."

At age 18, in a quest for independence, Careena answered a nude modeling ad which led her into porn. She says her first "true friend" was Tom Byron. An intelligent and private person, Collins feels "compelled" to share her sexuality with the masses. 'Careena Collins' is her stage name, which enables her to protect her privacy and distinguish between the 'X-rated' and 'straight' parts of her life. Careena keeps a website at where she has filed most of her past columns for UnReal People, such as this one describing her Anabolic Gangbang Girl 19 experience.

"I'm utterly sick of people writing to inform me how much they love that I, Careena Collins, "know that black cock is always superior to white cock." I know no such thing...and have never stated otherwise! A cock is not superior over another due merely to color; to think so is both ignorant and irrational. A clean and creamy cock is a clean and creamy cock. A sweaty, smelly, salty scrotum is a sweaty, smelly, salty scrotum. Hard, thick dick is hard, thick dick. And bubbling-hot jets of jism are bubbling-hot jets of jism. The only sense that color is relevant to is sight; it's purely a visual preference. To judge superiority on color alone is highly superficial, and a huge turn-off of mine.

"To clarify, I did not say color is not of importance...all the senses are to be treasured in my book. Sight is just the least significant to my sexual arousal. Yet once my other sensual preferences are taken care of, I must confess having always preferred everything in black. Something about the color's deep darkness draws me in and overwhelms me with a sense of well-being. Growing up, I drove my parents crazy only wanting to wear black clothes; I've bathed my life in black ever since. I love all hard, tasty thick dick. But I find it only natural that the cocks I love most are each my favorite texture, smell, taste and color!
"I feel fortunate to have recently served as the red-assed recipient of a no-holes-barred, "black-n-white ball!" And believe me, the color of whichever of the dozen or so dicks banging the hell out of my box at any given moment was the last thing on my cock-hungry mind. Just call me "Gang Bang Girl #19," a title well-earned, even though Anabolic stopped shooting much sooner than I had anticipated.

"[Careen's boyfriend] Kane and I have an understanding. I'm to make him happy 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or risk having him turn into my "pimp daddy," capable of sellin' my ass as an obedient submissive...whenever, wherever and to whomever he sees fit. "Kane enlisted the help of Anabolic Video Productions, which arranged all he needed and captured everything on tape. I tried to warn the company not to let Kane be in it, or to at least place limits on him; that his brutality would render the footage illegal for release in the U.S. But no one was listening to me. They wanted it to "be real." They had no idea how extreme our reality is..."

"The video opens on me in the make-up chair. I'm obviously both nervous and excited. A man is interviewing me about dominant/submissive relationships and what's to come: " this is one of your fantasies?" "It's my preferred reality," I retort. I'm rocking back and forth in my seat, grabbing my crotch with both hands. My eyes glaze over as I realize I really don't know what to expect. (My daddy made me arrive alone and all I knew for sure was that he'd show up to beat me before turning me over to an unknown number of dicks to do as they please.) The questions keep coming. My attention is clearly focused elsewhere, yet I manage to mumble out some responses.

"Then the screen goes black and credits roll, with red flashes emphasizing the indescribable screams and smacks, as you hear parts of the most merciless discipline my daddy has ever inflicted on me. He used his extremely powerful hands, thick leather belt and brass-wire "pimp stick" before he was ordered to stop by the same director who had earlier refused to place limits on him. (Having witnessed the damage done in 10 minutes, he realized he needed to preserve what was left of my fine ass for the gang bang.)

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Suddenly the screams die down and you see us in a dungeon area. I'm on my knees, collared and held on a tight leash by my big, black, ski-masked daddy. Never have I begged for his cock as much as then; I pleaded and tried to grab for it."You ain't getting none of this cock," Kane announces. "Remember what I told you would happen when you don't make me happy?"
"Yes," Panic washes over my face as awareness sets in that he will not be staying.
"You're gonna make daddy some money. Now get your ass on over here!"
Kane takes my extremely swollen, red/purple butt to a bed where he orders me to lie and wait. I squirm on my belly, anxious to make my daddy proud to own a hot slut willing do anything and please anyone just to make him happy.
Cut to him casually discussin' my fate with another tall, fine brother, Mr. Sean Michaels himself.
"Y'all can beat her, f--- her, just don't kill her...all I ask is that you hang her up on the wooden X when you're through with her. I'll be back for her later...maybe."
Next thing I know, salivating, slut-hungry-looking men begin encircling the bed. The only cum slut present, I quickly yank off my thigh-high leather boots and get to work on pleasin' all those pricks. Missy's white, hairy hubby [Mickey G.] defiles my loyal labia as black meat pierces me orally. That revs my motor for more of the now naked mob. Tom Byron reclines on his back so I go and ride his boner, facing him, till I get my first nut off. Then I spin around on his cuntal-creamed cock and ride reverse-cowgirl-style to suck my pussy juice off the married man's jabber. My musky scent propels my pleasure. I slide forward to my hands and knees for some serious dual-end drilling. Those stallions hammer me so hard doggie-style, I often have a hard time reaching the cocks straining over the bed's edge. Craving cock in my mouth/throat at all times, I beg 'em to climb on up and bring 'em to me.

I'd never had so many men to myself at once. I wished I had more holes to accommodate them with, but did enjoy watchin' them jack as they anxiously awaited an opening. I spent most of the time on my knees, for this provided the easiest access to all my holes at once. And even I cringed when I saw how bruised my upraised ass appears on tape! Yet if you can get past the severe markings Kane left, the cavity poundings I receive are indeed spectacular!

The lecherous libertines rotate often, taking turns plugging my mouth and pussy in unison. My unrestrained grunts and groans emanate endlessly. The dong I'm devouring is hard-as-nails, so I twirl my tush to offer the dong's daddy an even hotter hole. He impales my twitching twat and I moan sonorously as he thrusts, "MmmHmm...MMmHmm...MMMHMM!" He grasps my hair firmly in his fists, power-f---ing me alone till I reach for savory Sean again. As I gag myself with dark dillsnick, Mr. Marcus' fist-thick, ebony organ takes over my puss. I try to deep-throat, but a white dick begins dueling for my tongue's attention.
Mr. M's manhood is about to explode, so Tom takes back over my bush with a vengeance. Poor guys didn't know whom to listen to as the director yelled for them not to cum while I whispered begging pleas for them to feed me their hot loads whenever and as many times as they wanted; their cocks decided for them, inundating me with semen samples on a steady basis. I'm stammering about how much my pussy needed this...then Marcus steps up and drops the first dose of seed right between my longing lips. I swallow all I can, but some slops over and sticks on my chin and his nuts. As I lick his sack clean, Woody Long bores an even bigger hole in my box. "Oooh f---...OOOH f---! It's sooo deep...It's SOOO DEEP!" I exclaim in ecstatic, orgasmic bliss, "OH, there it goes...! AAAHHH, AAAAHHHH...yeah...yeah...yeah... I squirted all over you... I feel it all over my ass..."

As if on cue, the camera cuts to Sean's huge hammer taking some dunks in my rosebud. My gasps continue, "Oooh, my gosh... Oooh, my god..." With his fist around the base of his long rod, he keeps dipping the head and first few inches in...and out. It looks like he's plunging my puckered hole with a dildo! As my ass adapts, I pant, "Ouch, ow...ow...ow, yes... Ouch... Ow..." Next, Julian St. Jox drills me from behind while a black video virgin bends his ass over for me to bury my face in at the same time. I spit, lick and start to chew, but then random orders ring out: "Turn her over. Turn her over... There we go!" It's wondrous Woody again! This time I'm splayed out on my back. His thumb works my clit as his very long, thick shaft pistons away vigorously. I squeeze my tits and tug on my long nips, making all kinds of funny faces. He pulls out and starts jackin' it over my belly. I pull up my knees and raise my head, straining to reach his gorgeous hunk of manhood. I beg, "Please... Please... I'm thirsty and I'd rather have your cum than water." Bam! He sprays immediately! Most lands dead-center between my tits before I reach him, but plenty still trickles to my tonsils as I suction out the remaining bursts.

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After draining his still stiff shaft, I fall back to the bed and "The Woodsman" slips his wood back in my silky slit. He pounds away some more. When I cum to my senses and open my eyes, I spot all the gunk I'd missed. Still hungry for it, I jack my ass up in my hands so it stands vertical over my head. Then I stick my tongue out to my chest and the puddles of semen pour down on to it! What I can't lap up, I use both hands to gather and smear over my mouth and face. MMMmmmm... Nothing like a juicy load of redolent spunk to fuel me on!

Replenished and ready for more, my eyes scan the room. "The Byron Bone" steps up to prod my back door while another gets jacked over my cum-coated cheeks. My tongue lashes out and laps away. Tommy holds my bare feet together over my chest and hits paydirt! "Ouch, yeah... That feels good! You're hittin' the back of my pussy through the walls of my ass! Oooh... Oooh... Cum on... Cum on... Cum on...," I urge. Cut to a close-up on Tommy's cock back in my pussy. I'm riding on top again and my pliable bunghole is winking for more. Another ivory wand is lured to accommodate it. I groan gratefully, "Ow yeah, yeah... Thank you, thank you." The one in my ass bangs away like a machine, while the one in my pussy gives me slow, steady strokes. I choke briefly on a third, but scream again as the one in my ass "bottoms out" and grinds my depths. "Mm Hm...mmMM HHMM!" He pulls out and a thicker white dick continues my ass-reaming/double-penetration; Byron's bone never leaves my cunt during the anal plug switch. I purr gleefully.

Before long, I'm galloping cowgirl-style on yet another white willy. A black beauty decides I need an interracial DP and jams my resilient rear. He takes what he wants. Then it's back on my knees for more gut-busting gash-mashing. I desperately plead the cocks in my face for more hot cum. I'm rewarded with a toothsome blend. I manage not to miss a drop as I mumble about the rod lodged up my rear...and how hard my asshole's clinched on Sean's "butt master" meat. I scream louder and louder till they attempt to shut me up with more face-f---ing action, but ear-splitters burst forth every time I come up for air.

Lots of great anal fun follows. I double-suck and they pull a major anal train on me! I drink more spunk straight from the spigots. Woody makes me scream and cream again, while Sean makes me yelp with more anal-drilling. (I loved it!) Sean shares my still-hungry ass with the rest of the crew and a few more nuts blast in my mouth during this anal train ride. My pussy is gushing and I reach back, stuffing my hand in it to help DP myself. (My enthusiasm may've scared the director since he started rushing us along at that point.) A champagne flute is passed around and filled with a variety of appetizing sperm samples. Then Mr. Marcus pours it down my throat. I grab the glass and scoop out what's stuck to the sides with my fingers. (Gives new meaning to finger-licking good!) All that just makes me more horny. So I eat several of the men's assholes, grinding my chin and really slurping and sucking. It doesn't take too long before I feel my pussy crammed with more cock and more cum is shot in my mouth. Another shooter hits my face and Woody reclaims my cunt. On my back, legs held high, he sends me shivering and shaking through another intense climax. "Thank you," I pant upon catching my breath. Then Missy's hubby "manhandles" me like a pro! He uses one hand to hold my hair tight and his other to jack me off to yet an even more intense cum! All I can do is say, "Wow."
Dazed and giggling, I give a cum-masked smile. Suddenly, Sean attaches cuffs to my wrists and leads me to the big, wooden X. He strings me up and leaves. (What you don't see is the extra load Sean jacked off into my helpless mouth.) A pretty raunchy gang bang with two European girls follows; and when it's over, I'm still hanging around ready and willing for whatever's next!

I love how my cum-slut ways are captured on this quality video, and I'm proud to grace its cover. Want an autographed copy? For info on how to order, send me a SASE to the address listed below. Oh, and in case you didn't figure it out, Woody's white cock made me cum the most!




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